Monday, July 2, 2007

Just another weekend

All this past week I have been feeling the urge to shop. Perhaps it has something to do with it being my birthday season. Perhaps it has something to do with the three months' salary currently sitting in my bank account. This has, of course, led to quite a bit of anxiousness. If and when I return to my old job, then I can actually spend a nice chunk of that money if I really wanted to. But if not ... Well, then I need the money for living expenses.

Saturday I decided to stay within reason. I went to the grocery store and broke one of my cardinal rules -- shopping while hungry without a list. The list is important. As long as I have a list, I can fight off the temptation of all the wonderful things around me. I should have only spent about $40 or so with what I actually needed but instead ended up shelling out over $100. The refrigerator is bursting at the seams.

I had managed to avoid the temptation of Shoe Pavilion. Well, I really didn't. They just didn't have the pair of shoes I really liked in my size. I took this as a sign that I was meant to try the other location -- the one at which one of my students' dad is the manager.

To which temptations did I give in? A stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond as well as at Barnes & Noble. I realized that all of my Sisters Grimm books had disappeared -- imagine that -- and that I still hadn't picked up the fourth in the series. And besides, my educator's discount card expires at the end of October. I need to shop while I can. So the weekend meant a stocked fridge and lots of young adult reading.

Hush and Double Dutch were great but a wee bit depressing. After that I wanted something lighter. That's how I ended up reading The Accidental Cheerleader next. This was followed by Minerva Clark Gets a Clue and Princess Academy. By this time it was around noon on Sunday. It was time to get out of the house. And I knew just the place.

By now, Sunday morning has almost become synonymous with chicken hash and poached eggs.

There has been something missing from my Sunday breakfasts for quite some time -- Bartlett pear jam. This meant a drive out to Pt. Reyes Station since that is the only place of which I know to get the stuff. (And apparently I answered Hilly's question too soon because as soon as made the decision to head on out, I started singing, "Bitch better have my jelly." Because I'm goofy like that and like to make up my own lyrics to songs I know. Not that I would have ever said it to the folks at Cowgirl Creamery. Because they're all so nice there.) Good thing Sunday was such a beautiful day. There was also the realization that I still hadn't gotten my dad a Father's Day gift and that he loved the jams and jellies as much as I do.

"Will you leave already, silly lady? We have no need for you currently as our bellies are full and the sun is shining."

I love driving out to Pt. Reyes Station. Something about the drive centers me, makes me believe that all is right in the universe. Maybe it's all the interesting sights along the way.

One of my favorite signs. I'm always tempted to turn and to inquire if there is a Headless Horseman about. But they probably hear enough of that.

The view along Sir Francis Drake. Perhaps it is not wise to try to snap photos while driving 50 mph. And perhaps I should clean my windshield.

Nicasio Reservoir. When I see this, I know my destination is near.

Alas it is too early for pear season but there were all other kinds of goodies to be found. And I learned that while the maker of these jams no longer comes to the Pt. Reyes Farmers' Market, she now goes to the Healdsburg one as well as one in either St. Helena or Napa. Life is complete now that I have all of this jam goodness.

For my aunt, there's Apricot and Strawberry -- two of the three "new" flavors.

My dad's Father's Day gift consists of Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, Roasted Pasilla Jelly, and Meyer Lemon Marmalade.

And finally for myself, I got Cinnamon Pear and Pink Lady Apple. Don't tell my relatives about the pear. It was the last jar and it's all mine.

Then it was time to try out my purchase from BB&B along with some of the purchases from the grocery store. The end result?

Mahatma yellow rice mix with sausage, shrimp, mussels, bay scallops, and sugar peas.

I started using the Mahatma mix a few years ago when saffron was difficult to find. I am starting to rethink it because (1) it in combination with the sausage can end up too salty for my taste at times, and (2) saffron is a lot easier to find. And the new pan? As I was taking it out of the box, I realized that I had spent more on this one pan than I had on my first set of pots and pans eons ago. They were good for -- boiling water. Not much else now that I think of it. Not since I've discovered that it's better not to be so cheap about certain things. I'm starting to think that there is a little bit of a grown-up in me after all what with the slight shift in my priorities.

So yeah, this is a pretty typical weekend for me. When I'm not busy trying to defend my title as professional partygirl.

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