Thursday, July 26, 2007

The evil C

I spent this morning looking at a used car with my mother. She had tried to call my dad before we went to the dealership to get his opinion on the car but couldn't reach him. I told her that perhaps he was at the doctor's.

He was. With my stepmother. It seems that the tumors on her lung and liver have grown and she needs to resume chemo. The doctor wanted to start today. She's waiting until next week to start.

Apparently she also forced the doctor to get really honest. And now she's really depressed. The doctor told her that with the type of cancer that she has, he would usually say that the person has about 18 months. My stepmother pointed that it's been six months already.

Once more nothing in my fridge is looking too appetizing so I think it's time to head out for more stuff. Besides next week I have my oral surgery and I probably will not be able to eat too much for most of the week.

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