Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fighting boredom

This not working thing was kind of fun at first. Now I spend the day looking for ways in which to keep myself entertained. The height of yesterday was heading out to the store to get some beef for this dish.

Beef with black bean, asparagus, and orange bell peppers.

Today? Well, I'm going to take Jade's advice and head to the movies. Actually I think her words last week were something along the lines of, "Are you crazy? Whenever I have time off, I go to as many movies as possible." It is kind of convenient to have three movie theaters within walking distance. Movies I plan to catch this week are Waitress, Broken English (Love me some Parker Posey.), and You Kill Me.

Last Friday I did manage to see Ratatouille before my dentist appointment. (Loved it but then I'm kind of partial to the folks. Reminds me. I must contact Queenie to get my swag.) I just wish that I had read this first because what a perfect combo. And I've wanted to go to Liaison Bistro for quite some time. Maybe I should have waited some before dumping Musician Boy since I had convinced him that he should take me there. In past years I would be getting my French on by hanging out on Belden Place in San Francisco. Not this year though. A friend is having a birthday party in the East Bay so it looks like I'll be there instead.

What else? Maybe I'll get crazy and head over to the Farmers' Market on Thursday.

Oh, and there is that summer beauty known as "Big Brother 8." Why is it good that I'm not working? Because I can tune into "House Calls," the "Big Brother" web talk show, each morning.

A few bonus items.

Because I watch way too much TV these days, I am now addicted to this song.

Yes, this song is about to replace my previously selected summer theme.

And for Jill, once more.

Don't be fooled by that sweet look. She drew blood shortly after I took this picture.

Here's the other one. I was trying to enjoy my iTunes with the headphones on. Finally he left me alone. Now you see why I am thankful that I have DVR. Because sometimes it's hard to see the TV.

And speaking of iTunes, I was grooving to my old school kind of thing when I decided to listen to "Back to the Hotel." Gotta love my folks from Valley Joe. Imagine my shock when I followed that link to the now defunct label and saw mention of the Surf MCs. For years I was thinking that I dreamed that group. Except that I still own my 12-inch of "Surf or Die." How can you go wrong with rap about being a surfer/skater?

And I am now so feeling the party scene. Two of my favorite DJs/producers are supposedly going to be at DNA on the 27th. Be still my heart! My inner Holly is jumping with joy. Thank goodness I went shopping last week.

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